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Oregon tea party members: Does Ames speak for you?

More evidence of power struggle between tea party and modern Republicans. W. Ames Curtright is a wealthy tea party activist associated with the Oregon Republican Party. He holds a annual rally he calls the “Gathering of Eagles”, on his family farm in Turner Oregon. Past presenters and attendees at his rallies have included former Congressman […]

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Voters are denied full participation in our Democracy because of closed primaries. Particularly the independent minded millenial generation.

Breaking News: Minor Party Primary in Oregon?

This week Secretary of State Kate Brown held a meeting of minor party representatives to discuss establishing a minor party partisan primary election in Oregon. Present at the meeting along with Secretary Brown and Oregon Elections Director Jim Williams were representatives of the Independent Party of Oregon, the Pacific Green Party, the Libertarian Party of […]

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Independent Gov. Julius Meier

Oregon’s Independent Governor

Julius Meier served as Oregon Governor from 1931- 1935. Elected as an independent, he served one term, electing not to seek re-election due to health reasons. Born in 1874, he was the son of the founder of Meier & Frank department stores. He practiced law with George Joseph. A noted philanthropist, he also kept a high […]

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Another Oregon Legislative Fix

  “The fix is in”: (idiomatic) A process (for example, a court case) has been rigged behind the scenes and its outcome will not reflect true justice. (wiktionary)   In Oregon, it’s now considered success to fix the outcome, but not the process. Whether it’s SIP’s  (Strategic Investment Plan laws) devised solely to avoid Oregon’s […]

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anti corruption.Oregon

A “Little” Grassroots Democracy Act

Update: With Measure 90 (Top Two primary) heating up, and our readership growing, we’re reposting some election and campaign finance reform and anti corruption articles we’ve run. A model for campaign finance reform From local to federal offices, candidates are dialing for dollars, holding $500 per plate fundraisers and taking meetings only with the lobbyists […]

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Tax reform in Oregon

Tax Reform: Bite and Chew

Tax overhaul is the next big thing on many Oregonians to do list. Robert Weiss, a tax attorney sums up his suggested approach: “(C)onsider doing it in steps. Fix the parts that stick out like sore thumbs. Leave the rest for resolution after the dust settles.” Read the entire piece over at Oregonlive.

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