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Want your vote to mean something? Then you’ll have to “waste” it.

Since 1918 Australia has used preferential voting for almost all elections.  It was adopted  in response to the rise of the Country Party, a party representing small farmers. The Country Party split the anti-Labor vote in conservative country areas, allowing Labor candidates to win on a minority vote. The conservative government of Billy Hughes introduced preferential voting as […]

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Oregon Independent Movement Booms in 2013

2013 was an off year following a presidential election, meaning no get out the vote drives by the major parties. So 2013 showed a drop in registered voters of  53,504 voters or  2.43% However, December, 2013 voter registration statistics from the Oregon Secretary of State show that he Democratic and Republican parties continue to lose members at […]

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Analyzing IPO voter turnout

IPO voter participation rates higher than NAV voters Oregon Catalyst is currently running a point and a  counterpoint debate about who IPO members are and whether they even realize they joined a political party. Numbers don’t lie. In the 2012  general election, here are the turnout statistics for all political parties   Republican:   87.9% Democratic: […]

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IPO editorial in Oregonian

Oregonlive ran an editorial from the IPO today in which the IPO outlines a strategy to focus on The State legislature and seek new independent candidates rather than cross nominating the Republican or Democratic nominees. The authors argue that a few independent Representatives or State Senators would make a formidable centrist caucus  in the Oregon […]

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The IPO has an agenda, and is a platform

A Radical Center Idea: The IPO Has an Agenda As the Independent Party of Oregon approaches major status,  a discussion has to occur about what the IPO is or should be. The IPO does have an agenda developed through member survey and which  it’s leaders have supported during legislative sessions. Some IPO members  have suggested  that […]

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This is what Oregon

New York anti corruption report urges campaign finance reforms

  – Oregon is one of only four states in the US that has no campaign contribution limits –  New York’s Moreland Commission was appointed  to  probe systemic corruption and the appearance of such corruption in state government, political campaigns and elections in New York State. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman appointed the members of […]

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