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Rep. Chris Harker

Corrected: Chris Garret (Dem. HD-38) and Chris Harker (Dem. HD-34) won’t seek re-election.

An earlier article conflated Chris Garret and Chris Harker Willamette Week reported that Chris Garret (Dem. HD-38. Lake Oswego) won’t seek re-election and that he is a candidate for an Oregon Court of Appeals position.  Chris Harker (Dem. HD-34, Beaverton) had earlier announced he would not seek re-election. Oregon Outpost had pointed out that House […]

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Who is at the table for us?

It’s been extensively reported that the Governor has convened an executive committee to deliberate on tax reform. What hasn’t been so widely discussed is who makes up that executive committee that will essentially be drafting that plan.   We now know from an article in the Oregonian that the committee  is made up of essentially […]

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election reform

Anti Corruption Movement: Election reform

–  Article of the Day –  Read how a law that changed the taxpayer paid primary election to a “top two” system made the earth move in California. And how a bi partisan moderate candidate defeated an 82 year old Democratic incumbent there. Primary election reform. One of several key proposals that would loosen the grip […]

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Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Case Involving Donor Limits To Political Campaigns

Fighting Corruption Polls Off the Charts

–  Article of the day  – And here’s why we call it the Anti-Corruption Movement From MSNBC online – A poll commissioned by Represent Us  found that 90% of respondents said they’d support a law that imposes tough new campaign finance laws. When “campaign finance” was changed to “corruption,” that figure rose  to 97%, with 72% saying […]

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