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Sal Peralta for County Commission

Sal Peralta walks the walk

When Sal Peralta decided to run for Yamhill County Commissioner he also decided he’d do it his way. Rather than paying the $50 filing fee to get on the ballot as almost everyone else does, he would go door to door seeking signatures to petition his way onto the ballot. His goal? 1,000 signatures. This […]

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Voter Registration Report – October, 2013

  Monthly voter registrations numbers were released this week. The loss in membership of the Democratic and Republican Parties continues. And the Independent Party again showed significant gains, indicating perhaps that September’s loss of members was an anomaly. The October winners and losers: Democratic Party down by 1, 772 members. Republican Party down 2,191 members. […]

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Campaign Finance Bulk Data Download

The days when it took a large institution like news organizations or well-funded non-profits to gather and analyze large amounts of campaign data are long gone. Welcome to the Age of Big Data, and the tools that make it possible for small groups or people to analyze and share the secrets that big data holds. […]

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Koch dark money entities fined for illegal political contributions

Two Arizona “charitable” entities have been fined $1 million for violations of law. The two groups “operated as part of the ‘Koch Brothers’ Network’ of dark money political nonprofit corporations,” the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission said yesterday in a statement. The illegal spending totaled $15 million. So a $1 million fine seems like a reasonable cost of […]

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