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Koch Money In Oregon

Koch Money in Oregon

Money from the Dark Side It should come as no surprise that politicians are still taking money from the Koch Brothers. However, you do have to wonder…at what point does taking money from them become a liability? Especially after the recent Tea Party disaster in Congress, and the Koch Brothers are practically synonymous with the […]

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Third Way. An award winning  Vital Center Think Tank

Independent growth among key demographic groups fueled by fiscal conservatives/social libertarians?

  Are Liberals Taking Over? asks Michelle Diggles in an article on Third Way site? Diggles breaks down the key demographic groups of Hispanics, Asians and Millenials by ideology and party membership. The thing that is most interesting is the relationship between ideology and party membership. Among all three of these key growing voting groups, […]

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Tea Party more unpopular than ever

A new poll by the non partisan and respected Pew Research show more people have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party than ever. 49% of all Americans now have an unfavorable opinion of the movement while just 30% view it favorably. And, its important to note that this poll was conducted October 9th to […]

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Sal Peralta for County Commission

Sal Peralta running for Yamhill County Commission

Sal Peralta, community volunteer and businessman is running for Yamhill County Commissioner. If elected he will be one of the few independent office holders in Oregon and the highest ranking elected official from the Independent Party of Oregon. Among Sal’s many other interests, he helped found the Independent Party of Oregon and he currently serves as […]

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Mark Frohnmayer breaking barriers again

Mark Frohnmayer, successful high tech and electric vehicle entrepreneur, is at it again. Breaking barriers in the political world with a proposed ballot measure for changing Oregon’s closed primary to a Approval Voting Primary. (YouTube video explanation) If adopted, no longer would partisan elections be decided solely by major party members in their May primary […]

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Oregon is Open for Business

Oregon Rated 12th Best in Business Tax Climate

Oregon’s tax system is not ant-business. So says the research from The Tax Foundation, a non partisan tax research group based in Washington DC. The 2014 business climate tax report by the Tax Foundation was published online this week. In 2013 the Tax Foundation rated Oregon 13th best for business climate. However, the 2014 ratings […]

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Out-of-State Donors Spend Big in Oregon

Out-of-State Donors Spend Big in Oregon. And the Supreme Court could might let them spend more…. The Supreme Court begins hearing arguments today in the McCutcheon v. FEC case, where the plaintiffs seek to remove aggregate contribution limits. The case is viewed by many as a Citizen United 2.0 as it seeks to remove limits on political contributions. […]

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Awkward Republican Positions

Elected Republicans in the Oregon Legislature voted in favor of centralized state control  The recently completed Special Session left a lot of people feeling like the results were something less than Grand. Gov. Kitzhabers Facebook page is still getting plastered with anti-GMO remarks from angry supporters who feel he sold them out to Monsanto, while […]

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