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From Grand Bargain to PERS Petite Plan

The goal of the special session today was to adopt 5 pieces of legislation that would increase taxes on some large businesses. Decrease some taxes on some small and medium large businesses, reduce PERS payments, and make GMO regulations subject to state, not local, jurisdiction. It now looks like the Governor and his allies (whoever […]

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[Updated]Rep. Vicki Berger Summarizes the Grand Bargain

[Updated 9/26/2014] We are reposting some previous articles written about Gov. Kitzhaber’s “Grand Bargain” from the 2013 Special Session. From an email newsletter by Rep. Vicki Berger (R-Salem) Who will may More?   Corporations with more than $1 million in income   Higher income citizens (over $100 thousand income if single, over $200 thousand if married) […]

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Is there a political "Mendoza line"?

Countdown to the political Mendoza line: 6 Months

We’re nearing a  landmark in Oregon. The political Mendoza line (explained here). Where the total number of minor and non affiliated voters exceeds the number of registered Republicans. Why is this important? Because Oregon law subsidizes the Republican and Democratic parties, and shuts minor party voters and non affiliated voters out of the primary elections. […]

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ACTION ALERT: A call to action for a full school year

A coalition of business and education supporters came together during 2013 called Fix PERS Now. Leaders included Stand for Children,  the Oregon School Boards Association, the Confederation of School Administrators, and the Oregon Business Association. Stand for Children now has an online petition urging the Legislature to hold a special session to fix school financing. This […]

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Jon Justesen. Republican Gubernatorial candidate

Jon Justesen pushes all in

  Jeff Mapes and the Oregonian reported that rancher Jon Justesen has invested $25,000 more of his own money into his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Oregon Governor. The only other announced candidate is Rep. Dennis Richardson. According to an earlier article by Mapes, Justesen has the following positions. Favors a sales tax and […]

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general mills

If this is class warfare, it’s a pretty odd army

At the annual union organized labor day picnic at Oaks Park last monday Metro President Tom Hughes told organized labor members that opponents of his Oregon Convention Center headquarters hotel proposal are engaged in “class warfare”. Whenever someone uses terms like class warfare, tea bagger, communist or fascist, I pretty much tune them out since […]

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Anti Corruption Action – Do Something!

The US Supreme Court decision in Citizens United held that money is the equivalent to speech and spending limits were unconstitutional. Now a new case, McCutcheon v FEC, challenges federal laws on election contributions. Current federal law limits the amount an individual can use bribing federal candidates, politicians and parties per 2-year election cycle to $117,000. […]

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