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Independent Party Members in the Oregonian

In today’s online Oregonian, Independent Party of Oregon members who operate have a post in “My Oregon” section about how the two party system isn’t inevitable. And how more competition could improve out political product. A two party system consisting of Republicans and Democrats isn’t inevitable. But it’s institutionalized. The two major parties write […]

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Analysis and Opinion: SurveyUSA profiles Oregon voters

SurveyUSA and KATU-TV in Portland conducted a poll from August 14-15 on voter attitudes. The poll included 4 questions regarding Oregon’s Governorship, one question regarding whether Oregon was a “red” or “blue” state, and one question – question 3 – asking the responders to identify as Republican, Democrat, or Independent. The cross tabs on question […]

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Promote real small business growth

The 290 Grand Bargain

$290,000 per taxpayer. That’s the maximum tax break a wealthy business owner would receive  as a condition for Senate Republicans to consent to the “Grand Bargain” that Gov. Kitzhaber is proposing. Kitzhaber has proposed  further reductions in PERS benefits, and an increase in the  taxes of large corporations as well as some tax increases on […]

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TP v R

The two factions within the Republican Party

A statistical analysis, published in April 2013, by political science scholars from William and Mary and UC Davis explores the differences between tea party Republicans and non tea party Republicans. The purpose was to explore the issues related to the current Republican Party efforts to rebrand, makeover, or pull together. The entire paper is worth […]

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Millennials showing us a bright future

Ignite Good (Problem, Mission and Values) is a Millenial centric organization igniting a generation of thinkers, social innovators and problem solvers. Read about the outstanding work these people have done. Especially: Amy Berkhoudt, who developed an entrepreneurship program for Detroit high school students called the Food and Entrepreneurship Academy. And Maurya Coucares and Elizabeth Davidson, who developed […]

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Oregon GOP Platform released

Among other events this past weekend at the Oregon GOP central committee convention in Bend Oregon, the GOP updated it’s Platform. It was reported that there were minimal changes to the platform. However, one addition is in section 7.6, where the GOP writers felt the need to specifically object to the so called Agenda 21 movement. […]

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Suzanne Gallagher. Oregon Republican Party Chair

Breaking: Reports that GOP chair Gallagher has resigned

August 10, 10:00 AM. Via Brendan Monaghan: “Unconfirmed but from @DaylightDis about Oregon GOP Chief Suzanne Gallagher: DaylightDisinfectant @VictoriaTaft chair of OR GOP resigns remotely at platform convention…. Suzanne is a decent woman who tried very hard at that job. Good luck to you in the future Suzanne. And, to the ORGOP? Start fundraising. That’s […]

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The New Broad Spectrum Populism

Where are the new populists?

National Review Online has an article by Victor Davis Hanson, a senior at the Hoover Institution entitled the “Death of Populism”.  He’s referring to a middle class, sensible center type of populism that spans across a left to right spectrum. Populism has historically been used as a pejorative by mainstream parties towards popular movements (Ross […]

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