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Why a third party in Oregon makes Democrats nervous

This analysis from Nate Silver of is several years old, but it rings true today. How can Oregon be a swing state in 2004 and 2008, yet have very liberal policies? Answer: When the Democrats are very liberal and the Republicans are very conservative. Though Oregon’s election results have trended more Democratic  since 2008, […]

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About Oregon Outpost

Who is Oregon Outpost? Politically astute and informed voters who believe that the Oregon traditions of individual freedom and responsibility to our communities and each other are not political opposites. Oregon has a pioneer tradition. Pioneers recognize the need to pull together and support each other. And that common humanity, communal survival and eventual financial […]

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horse race

Rumors of Republican candidates for 2014 Statewide and legislative races

Today on Oregon Catalyst, they have a nice matrix and links to potential Republican candidates for 2014 Governor and federal races. And on the Bill Post blog, he has a couple more tidbits, including some legislative races in the  key swing  districts in Washington County. WCI has more analysis of the Washington County House races […]

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Sen. Alan Olsen – Yay!

Sen. Alan Olsen deserves a Yay! award for sponsoring SB 596, and vowing to continue to introduce similar legislation as one of his priority bills. SB596 requires that legislators who introduce legislation and amendments to be identified.  (See more as  reported in today’s Oregonian) Identifying the author of a bill or amendment is a vital part […]

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