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Pro and Con on IP-9

Initiative Petition 9 (IP9) is an Oregon initiative now in the signature gathering stage,  that would allow public workers to opt out of their union and pay no dues. Is this a “Right to Work” issue? Or does it have another primary purpose. Why does it only apply to public employee unions? Does it allow […]

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Gov. Kitzhaber

Kitzhaber endorses Grand Bargain. Waits for Legislative Response: Update 1

  The Statesman Journal reports on the revenue outlines of Kitzhabers final budget package seeking a middle ground to increase budgets for K-16, mental health and senior programs. Still working on getting the details on the PERS change portion. More information in an Oregonian online article. The bills being worked on would raise $195 million […]

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Third Way. An award winning  Vital Center Think Tank

National Matters: Resource for Data and Analysis

The Outpost usually reports on State matters. But this gave us a hop in our step. Third Way, a vital center national think tank, was recently honored as ‘North American Think Tank of the Year’ by Prospect Magazine, Britain’s leading monthly current affairs magazine. It cited its ‘original, influential, and rigorous work on the most pressing […]

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This is Not a Mistake

From WCI – “The Anti Buffett Rule”

As the final budget  negotiations near an end in Salem Oregon Republicans unveil a significant tax break to high income earners. This complicates the PERS reform, revenue increase negotiations. The leaders are seeking about $200/million in additional revenue. With the high income tax cut costing $150 million, that means the Oregon Republicans are going to […]

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Putting Modern Republicanism Into Perspective

If the Oregon Republican Party adopted the 1912 Republican Platform, would it be more Successful? Pro Environment. Pro public investment in infrastructure, anti monopolistic practices, and this on Campaign finance: We favor such additional legislation as may be necessary more effectually to prohibit corporations from contributing funds, directly or indirectly, to campaigns for the nomination […]

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income inequality

Take the Income Inequality Test

From the Economic Policy Institute, a left of center non profit research organization, comes this fun interactive site. Take the test on income inequality and get some info along the way. The test ends with their recommendations on how to address the growing income inequality, but you don’t have to agree with them. Taking the […]

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The Living Death Penalty? A Radical Center Idea

The Oregon Supreme Court yesterday ruled that the Governor could grant reprieves to any death row inmate, even if the inmate wanted to be executed. Over at Washington County Independents, a proposal to change the death penalty. It could provide catharsis to victims families, assure community safety, provide for the possibility of errors in verdicts, […]

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Oregonian Cuts Back on Print media

Oregonian Restructures – Cuts Back on Home Delivery

  Advanced Publications, owner of the Oregonian newspaper, announced today a total restructuring of it’s news delivery. The Oregonian will continue daily publication, but home delivery will be limited to Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. With the Saturday edition largely focused on sports and included in the home delivery. Paid home delivery subscribers will also have access […]

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Secret Government Agent  at local Post Office backroom

The NSA at the Post Office

Monday: Senator Wyden asks Gen. Clapper if the government is looking at peoples postal mail. He says “No” Tuesday: A disgruntled post office contractor  reveals that he was paid to sit at a local post office and go through peoples mail. Clapper admits that it’s true that they look at all the mail that’s sent […]

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