Deschutes County LWV announces forums

The League of Women Voters of Deschutes County has announced it will conduct the following candidate forums and discussion sessions State Legisature Contests Date and Time: Monday, October 3rd, at 5:!5 PM Location: Deschutes County/State Building, located at 1300 NW Wall Street, Bend. Candidates to appear: House District 53:  Michael R Graham (D); Gene Wisnant […]


Voter Registration Stats. August, 2016

  September 13, 2016 August in a presidential year is conventions, parties coming together, voter registration drives and building interest in national elections. So its no surprise that membership in the Democratic and Republican Parties increased in August. What is a real shock here is the continued growth of the Independent Party of Oregon. Thats […]


Must Read: PDX Considers Inclusionary Zoning; On City Observatory

Todays best blog article: What should cities do to tackle growing housing affordability problems? Is inclusionary zoning a good way to provide more affordable housing, or will it actually worsen the constrained housing supply that’s a big cause of higher rents?   Entire article Link This article makes a case for Portland policymakers to proceed carefully when […]

View south from the Broadway Bridge on Feb. 10, 1996, at the peak of the Willamette River flooding. Photo by Steve Morgan.

AGW is real. Deniers/Skeptics can’t be leaders

I engaged in twitter patter with a candidate for Statewide office this weekend about AGW (Anthropomorphic – i.e. human cause – Global Warming). He believed that not allowing texts that included AGW denial or skepticism in High School science books was censorship. I disagreed. By the end, it was clear to me that he doubted […]


A House District 23 report

In 2014, the moderate Republican incumbent Jim Thompson of Oregon’s House District 23 was beaten by Mike Nearman in the GOP primary. Nearman went on to win the general election in this solid red district. The Oregonian Reported: “Thompson lost his seat… at least in part after he came out in favor of gay marriage.  […]


Can Oregon reach a Gary Johnson tipping point?

Two things are apparent. Oregon is a safe state for Hillary Clinton. She will beat Donald Trump by 10 points Oregon’s Republican Party is in flux with several bases vying for superiority. And Donald Trump represents one of those bases, the angry and grievance driven Republican voter. While many Republican voters won’t concede the first […]


The Corporate kicker wrinkle in M97

Under Article IV, Section 14 of Oregon’s constitution, if corporate  income and excise tax receipts exceed 2% of the estimated tax revenues, the entire amount of over collected taxes over the estimate goes to schools. The corporate tax revenue estimate is done at the end of the last Legislative session. In 2017, the estimate was […]


An independent plan for M97 $$

-Protect consumers and basic state services. Build support for PERS reform within the education community- Here are some facts: M97 is predicted to increase state tax revenue by at least $6 Billion per biennium. M97 does nothing to relieve individuals of their ever increasing tax burden Oregon is facing a 1.35 Billion dollar increase in […]


McMullin loses $$ backing?

Better for America was launched by the #NeverTrump alliance and backed by Mitt Romney supporter and wealthy investment manager John Kingston. It sought a third candidate for President this November. It was thought that Evan McMullin, who recently announced his candidacy for President was it’s candidate since all the political advisers who had been working […]

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