Approval Voting to Select the “Best” News Source

This article was originally published December 1, 2014. It seems particularly relevant today, after a the election of Donald Trump. (Edited for relevance). The Strategic Decision: In early 2014, as a group of election reformers were strategizing on their best chances to change our voting system they made  a critical decision. Mark Frohnmayer, one of the […]


Increase revenue through cutting tax breaks or decreasing business subsidies

Oregon’s budget is out of balance, and the Democrats believe business doesn’t pay enough in taxes. The Democrats, lead by Sen. Mark Hass have been negotiating with business interests and Republicans to enact ta reform that increases some business taxes, so far without success. The negotiations are nevessary because Oregon requires a 60% legislative majority […]

The Co-Chairs Budget. The GOP should embrace it

Yesterday, April 17, the Ways and Means co-chairs released there no new revenue budget. It shows that of the 14 budget lines, only two receive less funding than they did last biennium. Natural resources is cut from $413 million to $405 million and consumer and business services is cut from $14.7 million to $13.3 million. […]

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Why the left right heuristic in politics is no longer accurate

Def. Heuristics: Heuristics can be mental shortcuts that ease the cognitive load of making a decision. Examples of this method include using a rule of thumb, an educated guess, an intuitive judgment, stereotyping, profiling, or common sense. A method of reaching a quick solution, but not necessarily the optimal result. After Donald Trump’s successful populist campaign […]


The Door to ORGOP resurgence is clearly marked

…but will the Oregon GOP base be willing to open it. All studies show that the Republican Party has moved further to the ideological right over the past several decades. However Oregon is a moderate State, though geographically and politically segregated. Unless the Oregon Republican Party can attract a wider base of support within moderate […]


Tracking changes in voter registration in 2017

A New Project This graph tracks the cumulative change in party membership using January 1, 2017 as a starting point. From there this graph tracks the total gains and losses by major party. I hope to update this graph monthly. For the Democratic and Republican Parties I suspect to see larger swings up just before […]


Gov. Brown cleans house at DEQ

The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission is a five-member panel appointed by the governor of Oregon for four-year terms to serve as the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s policy and rulemaking board. In addition to adopting rules, the commission also establishes policies, issues orders, judges appeals of fines or other DEQ actions, and appoints the DEQ […]


The Centrist Project’s 2018 plan: How it could impact Oregon

The nationally known Centrist Project has adopted a new strategy for 2018. Here’s what the Centrist Project says about itself. Our Voters We are organizing a grassroots movement of Americans –– Democrats, Republicans, and independents –– who feel left behind by both parties and who want our leaders to work together to get things done. […]

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Person of Political Courage: Senator Brian Boquist

“Courage means overcoming partisanship, and also means not bowing to any special interest, and instead voting one’s conscience. Senators always have to vote based on whether an issue should be decided as a representative of the people (i.e., voting in accordance with the majority in one’s district), or alternatively as a matter of conscience. When […]

January, 2015 report

Voter Registration change February, 2017: IPO keeps showing gains

Again, non affiliated and Independent Party registrations increase while Democratic and Republican rolls decrease. This month, I looked at the total change in voter registrations in February, 2017 (column one). Then deducted the number of members added by Motor Voter (Column two) and showed the change in membership from voters dropping, or changing, or going […]

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