Let’s draft our Legislature through Sortition

One of our readers, Michael Pitts-Campbell has a interesting suggestion. And while some may think it’s a new and different idea,  the idea is actually old and has an elite pedigree. Thanks for reminding us Michael. Here’s what he sent me when I asked for reform suggestions “Here’s one that probably stands as much chance […]


“Yes, and” Independent

You’d think that  when confronted with acts of racism and hate there’s be no hesitation in condemning those acts and the perpetrators. Yet I keep  hearing people say something like  “Yes but….” a) why don’t you condemn Black Lives Matter  b) you can’t blame it all on Trump supporters or  c) No one’s proved to […]


De Rigging the system- New independent initiative coming

By Rob Harris, State Council Member, Independent Party of Oregon Check out this interesting graphic. It’s  from a DHM survey . Why such a radical change in just two years? This years election has convinced voters that we can’t trust our electoral system. The Sanders campaign was undermined by insiders of the DNC. Trump and his […]

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Photographer : Monster Menon

Voter Turnout Stats. Democrats looking good

It’s only November 3rd, but the turnout numbers are looking pretty favorable for the Democratic Party. While it appears the Democratic and Republican turnout are making this a neck and neck race, check this table out. While the Democratic party has an 8.5% registration advantage over the Republican Party, there is currently a 13% Democratic […]


35 + 24 + 1 =60: The Independent scenario

In a not inconceivable scenario, the nascent major Independent Party of Oregon may end up being the key to tax and spending reform in the 2017 Legislative session. Measure 97 is largely the result of  the fact that the Oregon Constitution requires a 60% super majority in both Houses (That means 36 seats) to increase […]


The era of the Oregon Liberal Republican. Part Two. Senator Mark Hatfield

Mark Hatfield, Oregon Governor and US Senator, and a great liberal Republican. Tax cutter, anti death penalty and non interventionist. He assured funding for Max Light Rail transforming our transportation infrastructure from Hillsboro to Gresham. Excerpt from the Oregon Secretary of State’s Archives: Hatfield was born in Dallas, Oregon, on July 12, 1922, …He went […]


Kitzhaber leadership revisited

While Governor Brown’s response to the public employee union drafted Measure 97 has been hand wringing acceptance as “the only viable option”, former Governor Kitzhaber published a blog post today to express his opposition and his reasoning. The problem he argues is the disconnect between education spending and funding. While local school districts set their budgets […]


The era of the liberal Oregon Republican. Part One. Governor Tom McCall

Excerpt from the Oregon Secretary of State’s Archives: Tom McCall, Oregon Governor and a great liberal Republican. He blazed the trail for Oregon’s future. Open beaches. The Bottle Bill. Fiscally conservative. “In 1964 McCall ran for Secretary of State as a stepping-stone to the governorship. He defeated Alfred Corbett, a victory which ran counter to […]


Democratic Fatigue in Oregon?

There is evidence that Oregon voters are showing some fatigue over Democratic management of the State It appears M97 is going to be defeated. Perhaps handily. A poll released October 17 conducted for OPB by DHM research shows 48% would vote no while, 43% would vote yes. with only 10% undecided. The cross tabs show […]


September Voter Registration Statistics

Voter registrations in Oregon continue to rise, and not just because of Motor Voter.  The total increase in voters in August was 35,643. Motor voter accounted for just 15,320 of those new voters. The increase is normal for late summer and fall in a presidential year. Here is how the three major parties are doing […]

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