McMullin loses $$ backing?

Better for America was launched by the #NeverTrump alliance and backed by Mitt Romney supporter and wealthy investment manager John Kingston. It sought a third candidate for President this November. It was thought that Evan McMullin, who recently announced his candidacy for President was it’s candidate since all the political advisers who had been working […]


Remembering Ballot Measure 28

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it ” – George Santayana, a very smart person. August 23, 2016:    In 2001, After 9/11 our economy went into recession and Oregon was hit hard. State revenues dropped off a cliff but State obligations didn’t. In 2002, the State was faced with huge […]


Did Encore Political Services just run the worst voter registration drive ever?

In a complaint filed this week, Democratic dark money political group Our Oregon was accused of violating election law and possibly committing a felony. In the complaint, outlined here, Lee Vasche, Executive Director of Signature Gathering Company of Oregon (SGCO) , a  firm hired to obtain signatures for the “No Fake Emergencies” ballot measure, alleges […]


Chinese owned Corporation funneled money to Oregon Pols

Today The Intercept posted a story about how with the help of the top GOP lawyer on campaign finance,  a Chinese Millionaire and his wife used a company called American Pacific International Capital (APIC) to  funnel $1.3 million to Jeb Bushes Super PAC. Buried deep in the story however is an Oregon connection. APIC, which was […]

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Independent Survey shows Majority support tax increase

The Independent Party’s annual survey results **  reveals strong support for  IP 28, the tax increase measure that will be on the Oregon ballot in November. QUESTION: Do you support IP 28? no response      3.16 % no                    40.99 % yes                  55.84 […]


PERS Rates to Increase. Cost of $1 Billion

The PERS Board meets today and will be presented with an actuarial report telling them  that the PERS fund has only 71% of the assets necessary to meet it’s obligations and PERS rates will need to increase from 30%-50% Based on this report, the Board will be setting new employer contribution rates. School Districts could see their […]


New Oregon Polling: Governor; Sec of State; Measure 97

A new Oregon poll conducted by Clout Research was released today. Here’s a summery: PRESIDENT: Hillary Clinton: 43.1% Donald Trump: 39.7% Gary Johnson: 6% Jill Stein:  2.9% Undecided:  8.4% GOVERNOR: Kate Brown (D)  43.4% Bud Pierce  (R)   42% Cliff Thomason  (I)   5.4% James Foster:  (L)   2.3% Not sure/someone else  6.9% SECRETARY OF […]


Sunday: Third Party news

Third party candidate interest is at its highest possibly because of voter dissatisfaction with our two main POTUS candidates. Pew Research report shows just how unhappy voters are. How does this impact down ballot races and elections in Oregon? Interesting Editorial on Oregonlive today on how candidates stand on IP28 – now called Ballot Measure […]


Oregon Motor Voter Phase 2: only 6% opt to join a party

Oregon’s Secretary of State Office issued the most recent data on motor voter registration today, and of phase 2 registrants, less than 6% opted to join a political party. Starting January, 2016 Oregon DMV automatically registered as a voter anyone who had an interaction with their office. The Secretary of State referred to that ongoing […]

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